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2022 Annual Membership Registration

Online Registration NOW OPEN!!!


IronCanucks Triathlon Club is sanctioned with Triathlon Ontario.

What does this mean for me?

By joining the IronCanucks for 2022 you will also become a member of Triathlon Ontario which includes:

  • Insurance for members during club sanctioned workouts
  • You no longer need to pay the one-day race fees for sanctioned races, a savings of $6-$15 per adult race entry.
  • Annual subscription to Triathlon Canada Magazine, a $25 dollar value.

And with your IronCanuck Club membership:

  • Participation in group workouts throughout the year.
  • Regular access to coaching advice from NCCP triathlon and cycling certified coach Nancy Hastings.
  • Team Mentors( certified and/or proficient in their sport)
  • Free team "swag" with club logo.
  • Various socials during the year.
  • Discounts at participating retailers.
  • Team Party
  • Discounts for add on sport specific training clinics

The 2022 Membership fee is $50.00


  • Triathlon Ontario fee $52.00( this is $10.00 discount since we are a sanctioned club with Triathlon Ontario)

Please note a few important points about the sign-up process:

  • You sign up for both the IronCanucks and Triathlon Ontario by following the registration process link.
  • When choosing the Triathlon Ontario Membership Options you must select *CLUB ATHLETE* in order to get the discounted rate of $52.00 (normally $62.00)
  • During the Triathlon Ontario registration you will be offered *ADDTIONAL PERSONAL INSURANCE* and *BIKE INSURANCE*. Please note these are both optional and not required for membership of the IronCanucks.
  • After you have registered you will receive 3 emails from CCN BIKES which administers the sign-up process. One of these will be about your Triathlon Ontario Membership and will have your membership card attached. Please mark this email so you find it again easily. You will need that membership number when entering races.
  • For those that have a previous Triathlon Ontario membership, your email will exist with a profile but you will need to reset your password.


For more information on the sign-up process please see the FAQ below

Q. How is it that this new system has a profile created for me?

A. Anyone that had a Triathlon Ontario membership in previous years will have an existing profile. Triathlon Ontario transferred over this information. You will however need to reset your password. For privacy reasons that information could not be passed on to the new database.

Q. Why I am I entering the same information multiple times?

A. We apologize for this inconvenience. The process is new and CCN Bikes are working to improve it. Currently the double information occurs so that both the club and TO collect the information they need.

Q. I have had the same OAT number for years. Why is it different now?

A. Triathlon Ontario is now part of larger national database. Your membership number could be new to reflect the new assignment process.

Q. Why do I have to buy both memberships to the IronCanucks Triathlon Club and Triathlon Ontario?

A.The Triathlon Ontario membership will provide you with insurance coverage. This insurance coverage is needed to partake in IronCanuck Triathlon Club workouts and also allows a discount at most races. More information about the TO membership can be found here.

Q. How long does it take to get the Triathlon Ontario membership card to present at races?

A. Once you sign up and pay you will receive 3 emails within 24 hours. One will be your receipt, one will welcome you to the club and the third will be your TO membership with your membership card attached. It is that card you will use as your proof of insurance when racing. Do not lose this email. Note that all 3 emails will be sent by CCN Bikes not Triathlon Ontario or IronCanucks Triathlon Club directly.

Q. I lost my TO membership card. How do I get a new one?

A. Unfortunately you will have to contact Triathlon Ontario directly. We cannot commit to a timeline in these cases. You can contact them through Lynn Miller [email protected] P: (416) 426-702